Who We Are

About Us

We are committed to following the Bible and its teaching concerning worship (John 4:24). It is our goal to follow the pattern of the church about which we read in the New Testament. We make no attempt to entertain and we do not seek to be entertained. Our goal in worship is simply to lift up praise to God in the same manner as did the New Testament church as described in the inspired Scriptures.

When you visit the Shady Acres church of Christ, expect a friendly welcome and assistance to locate a Bible class or directions to the worship service.

Expect to hear Bible preaching from the pulpit and practical Bible-based teaching in each class.

No pressure is brought to bear upon those who visit our services. Visitors are not singled out, asked to “witness”, or give a “testimony”; and you will not be embarrassed in any way.

You will find a comfortable facility in which to worship and an atmosphere conducive to studying the Bible.



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10:00 & 5:00